Toli's Travel Diary

When we talk about Mauritius, we definitely have the image of white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea in our head. However, if you take the time to visit the inner lands, you will be delightfully surprised about the island’s lush sceneries.

Everyday I commute to the south west, driving through the higher grounds into the preserved, natural park of Black River. This area is well known for being the natural habitat of monkeys and…for collecting the famous guavas known by Mauritians as ‘Goyave de Chine‘.

Just after leaving ‘Grand Bassin‘ while heading in the direction of Black River Gorge view point, resides another scenic view point called the Alexandra View Point. Road signages will indicate you the way there.

You may come across some few visitors now and then, shooting the breathaking view of the southern coast or attempting to climb the wooden Watch Tower to see the waterfall which spills on your left hand side. This place is also very appropriate for weekend brunches with the family as many facilities are available to accommodate same.

Do not be surprised to feel a bit cold while hanging around over there, the temperature can get as low as 15 degrees and you may encounter some few drizzles too. Discover that beautiful rain forest which will immediately reconnect yourself to mother nature.

If you are a hiking nerd, then go for it, you will definitely enjoy this place!

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